A new law has been passed regarding passengers who are planning to travel with firearms.

The following should be noted at the time of booking flights:

Many airlines are adhering to the IATA regulation which specifies that if a passenger is traveling with sporting weapons and ammunition, the airline must be advised AT THE TIME OF BOOKING by putting a message into the remarks section of the booking. Many passengers are coming up against this non-compliance and are being denied boarding with sporting weapons. Some European airlines require additional information.

Guidelines have been issued a directive on the transportation of sporting weapons and ammunition. Your adherence to these regulations is requested to avoid any misunderstanding and subsequent non -compliance:

  •  You can contact Ann at to meet you at the airport, and she can organize all the gun permits for a fee of $170 per person while you relax in the lounges.
  • All sporting weapons must be packed and transported in an IATA approved lockable hard firearm case.
  • All firearms must be declared at the time of check-in and must be handled via the designated firearm handling process. It is advisable to place in the remarks section of the booking that the passenger is carrying sporting weapons and ammunition.
  • No more than two rifles per case per passenger keeping in mind the firearms must be of a different calibre.
  • Ammunition must be packed in a lockable box with a key or box with TSA approved combination lock and placed in the checked luggage.
  • A maximum of 5kgs (11lbs) is allowed per firearm carrying passenger. Your adherence to these regulations is requested to avoid any misunderstanding and subsequent non-compliance.
  • All visitors to South Africa are required to carry a passport that is valid for six months beyond the intended length of stay. There should be sufficient blank pages for entry stamps upon arrival, visas are not required for citizens from the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Spain. Visitors can stay for a maximum of 90 days. You may be requested to show a return ticket.

Click here to download the firearm import application.



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Please note the following and make sure to inform your clients of all the procedures and necessary documentation they need to have with them to ensure that no unnecessary delays occur. Refer to the PHASA website for all updated information and other particulars.

Before presenting the firearm import application, the applicant MUST submit the following documents:

  •   Passport
  •  Return airline ticket (to the country of origin)
  •  Firearm licence or proof of ownership
  •  Proof of export from the country of origin

The following must be stated in this letter:
“It is hereby certified that the owner of the firearm(s) Mr (state name as in passport) with calibre (state calibre) serial number (state serial number) and type (state type) is hereby authorized to temporarily export the firearm mentioned above from (state country)”
This must be certified by an official government institution, e.g. customs/police.

  • Invitation letter from the outfitter/ company
  • The following must be stated in this letter:
  • The letter must be on the official letterhead of Outfitter/company
  • PH and Outfitter’s details – name, surname, licence numbers and in which province(s) they are registered.
  • The letter must state for what type of hunting the client is invited and the calibre needed for the hunt.
  • Where will the hunt(s) take place – the name of the farm and district
  • State that the weapons will only be used for hunting purposes on mentioned properties
  • The duration of the hunt
  • The letter must be signed and dated
  • Motivation letter from the applicant as to the reason for the importation of the firearm


  •  Only 1 person at a time will be attended to
  •  The first person in line will be helped first
  • The firearm and ammunition will be inspected by the Police inside the office
  • Please ensure that all the required documents are in order before entering the office so that you do not delay the process