Mountain Area


Test your metal as an avid hunter and elevate to 6000ft where the king of these mountains, the Cape Eland is found and chase the elusive Vaal Rhebuck which is likened to some of North Americas high altitude Sheep hunting.

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The mountain lodge located north of Port Elizabeth airport, is the pinnacle of highland hunting in South Africa. Set at the foot of the Winterberg mountains, the mountain camp ranges from 4000ft to 6000ft above sea level with 180 degree views certain to take your breath away. 

Our main suites overlook stunning grazing areas where Buffalo frequent in the winter months. The surrounding high top mountains makes for some of the most beautiful and unique sun set backdrops. Mountain Lodge is well suited to an intimate safari for two, family groups or large hunting parties. The winter months bring cool temperatures to South Africa allowing the indoor fireplaces in your suite to set the mood of relaxation and luxury. 

The mountain lodge boasts two of the largest privately-owned Trout dams in South Africa where many a fisherman have toiled with some of the giants that these dams have produced over the years. 

History is told at every turn while staying at the mountain camp. From bushman paintings dating back well over 1,500 years depicting the hunters of old as they perused the king of these mountains, the elusive cape eland to the old wooden wheeled ox wagon that tells a story of the European settlers of the 1800s who claimed this land, grooming it into what we see today. 

Being in the family for over 5 generations, conservation efforts have nurtured this truly beautiful part of the world where sportsmen and sportswomen are spoilt by the quality of game and variety of scenery on their unique and exclusive South African safari hunt.


  • Game drives
  • View ancient bushman
    rock art
  • Fishing in largest
    privately-owned trophy trout lake
  • Visit Ithemba Trust NPO school


  • Spacious en-suite
  • Underfloor heating
  • African cuisine
  • Wi-Fi
  • Daily laundry

• Aardvark
• Aardwolf
• Baboon
• Barbary Sheep
• Bat Eared Fox
• Blesbuck
• Blesbuck, Silver
• Blesbuck, White
• Blesbuck, Yellow
• Buffalo, Cape 
• Bushpig
• Duiker, Grey
• Eland, Cape
• Fallow Deer
• Fallow Deer, White
• Gemsbuck
• Gemsbuck, Golden
• Giraffe
• Hyrax
• Impala
• Impala, Black
• Impala, white flanked
• Jackal
• Klipspringer
• Kudu, Cape
• Lynx (Caracal)
• Moufflon
• Ostrich
• Porcupine
• Red Hartebeest
• Red Lechwe
• Reedbuck, Mountain
• Roan antelope
• Sable
• Spotted Genet
• Springbuck, Black
• Springbuck, Common
• Springbuck, Copper
• Springbuck, White
• Springhare
• Steenbuck
• Tahr
• Vaal Rhebuck
• Vervet Monkey
• Warthog
• Waterbuck
• Wildcat, African
• Wildebeest, Black
• Wildebeest, Blue
• Wildebeest, Golden
• Wildebeest, Kings
• Zebra, Burchells